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New Mexico Update!


New Mexico Update!

Kody & Jennifer Wetzold

It has been a couple of crazy months for both Jenn and I. We have patiently waited for the tourist season to die down, developed some great ministry contacts, and met many new friends. We have been so blessed since moving here in late June to have many of our loved ones come see our new stomping grounds.  I want to thank everyone for making the time to come see us and surround us with family as we begin this new adventure in New Mexico.

During the last five months we have been pressing into the local culture, all while dreaming and praying about what God will do with two Keller kids in New Mexico. We have continued to see and meet people who are eager to engage us in spiritual conversations and are anticipating what God will do through them and the local church.  There is a great need here for a local body that focuses on reaching the unreached in the area; a church that produces disciple-making disciples, and that has a genuine community of believers. I am beyond excited for the upcoming months as these dreams and prayers are beginning to be fleshed out and realized. We pray that God blesses our preparation, that the Holy Spirit goes before us and draws men to Himself, that the harvest in the Ruidoso area would be great, and that Jennifer and I would work diligently in the harvest.

Within the next 3-4 months we will be starting a few discipleship groups in order to engage the local men, women and families. Our immediate goals are to start one or two groups in homes and one within a public venue. Pray with me as I speak to local businesses to find places to meet, and talk to families to join us as we worship, pray, study, and dedicate our lives to our Lord.  Our prayer is that God not only blesses these groups, but brings in leaders that we can train, disciple, and mentor as pastors and leaders. Our long-term goal is to send these disciples out to begin their own groups as well, fostering a church-planting movement.

As far as a personal update… Jenn has been working as a dental hygienist two days a week in Alamogordo since August, and I have recently received my real estate license to work in property management and real estate. Both of our jobs give us flexibility to do ministry as needed but also provide for ministry opportunities within the community.  It has always been our goal to work within the community, shoulder to shoulder with the locals in Ruidoso in order to build relationships that would otherwise be impossible.

Our heads are spinning with anticipation as of late. Please pray for guidance, reassurance, and understanding.  Please also pray for the above dreams and expectations, that God will bless us in accomplishing them, but also that we do not move too quickly that we miss the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction.

Kody and Jennifer Wetzold

Pray that...

·         God brings us future leaders to disciple

·         2-3 discipleship groups are started

·         development of discipleship curriculum

·         wisdom and discernment

·         relationships are gospel centered

·         the gospel spreads in New Mexico

·         God is honored and given all glory