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7 Things That Happen When You Give to Your Church


7 Things That Happen When You Give to Your Church

Art Rainer

When you give to your local church, do you ever feel like you are placing the money in a black hole, never knowing what happens to it?

Sure, you recognize that the church lights are on, the heat is working, and there is a pastor on the stage, but is that it?

One of the reasons people are hesitant to give to their local church is that they feel like it is not the best investment, that there are better places to give, places of greater impact.

And I think I know where this often comes from. Churches frequently struggle to tell the stories of impact that occur through their church. Whereas many other great nonprofits are excellent storytellers, churches are often not.

So as someone who has and is serving the local church in a variety of capacities, let me encourage you—when you give to your church, things happen. Significant impact takes place.

Let me share with what might be happening because you give to your church.

  1. Marriages are saved. In your church, there are marriages that are on the brink of tearing apart, the hearts of their kids are about to be broken as their mom goes one way and their dad goes the other way. But because of those in their small group and their pastors, they decide to repair instead of tear the marriage apart.
  2. Parents learn to be better parents. None of us are perfect parents. I know I am not. The studying of God’s Word and the wisdom of those a life stage ahead of these parents is making a real difference. Moms are becoming better moms. Dads are becoming better dads.
  3. The hurting are comforted. Members and nonmembers alike are coming to your church with real pain. Sometimes, God uses the teaching from the stage to bring them comfort. Sometimes, it is a meeting with a pastor. They are looking for the type of comfort only God can bring. And they find it.
  4. The hungry are fed. Many churches are serving the poor in their community. Often, this type of ministry goes unnoticed by most of the church. Those who are financially struggling are receiving clothes, food, and, sometimes, Christmas gifts for their children through your church.
  5. The friendless find friends. Loneliness is prevalent is our society. People long to find meaningful relationships. And some are finding those friendships in your church.
  6. People with serious questions find answers. You have people that are turning to your church to get answers to questions that plague their mind. They are searching for truth. And your church is providing it. Their lives are forever changed.
  7. Word gets out about Jesus. This is the best part. Because of your church, Jesus’ name is being made known. Your community is hearing about Jesus. Your nation is hearing about Jesus. Your world is hearing about Jesus because of your church.

There are many great organizations to which you can give your money. And you should participate in their ministry. But don’t miss out on what should be the very first place you give. Don’t miss out on being a part of the significant impact your church is having.

When you give to your local church, ministry happens. And you get to be a part of it.