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Deacon Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Deacon Nomination Form. This is an important role in our church, as deacons serve the body both regularly and in times of special need. Acts 6:1-7 sets forth a biblical standard for deacons when it records, “And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples and said, “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables. Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this
duty.” (v. 2-3).

The biblical setting for deacons is that of a servant. If we were to make a distinction between elders and deacons, it would be that deacons are to be servant-leaders while elders are teaching-leaders. As one theologian put it, “deacons lead the church by serving and elders serve the church by leading.”

With this understanding, we ask that you prayerfully complete this form, evaluating each question honestly based on your knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications for the office of Deacon at The Mount. Please begin the process by reading 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6.

Once you have studied and prayed over the biblical qualifications of a deacon, if you have a viable candidate, we ask you to please review the responsibilities and eligibility below and indicate your assessment of whether he meets each of the qualifications.

Please answer all of the questions on each form. If clarification or comments are needed to help explain your marks or remarks, please attach a separate sheet. If you do not know if the nominee is qualified in an area, note that on a question (this is an acceptable answer).

After completing the Deacon Nomination Form, submit the form to the church office in a sealed envelope address to Elders of The Mount. Our process for Deacon affirmation can be found at the end of this packet.

If you have any questions about the church’s Deacon selection process, please contact us through email, and one of us will contact you.

For the glory of God alone,

Elders of The Mount
Ryan Fontenot
Mark Myers
Kai Pinkerton
Lucky Randolph
Brad Sullard

Deacon Responsibilities at The Mount

  1. Care for the temporal needs of members.
  2. Attend to the accommodations for public worship.
  3. Encourage, enlist, and enable those able to help others and those with gifts of serving.
  4. Render helpful service to those who are ill or in need.
  5. Receive, hold, and disburse a fund for benevolence. Recognize and respect the confidentiality of recipients.
  6. Report on benevolence fund use to the elder council if requested.
  7. In church reports, show only benevolence fund total receipts and total disbursements.

Deacon Eligibility

  1. Any adult male who is an active member may be nominated for consideration as a deacon.
  2. All candidates shall have been active members of The Mount for a minimum of one year at time of installation. New deacons are ordained. Those deacons previously ordained are affirmed.
  3. Nominees must be interviewed and recommended as candidates by both the active deacon body and the elder council.

Deacon Nomination Form

Complete this form after prayerful consideration and review of the requirements for the position of deacon. This form can be used to nominate someone else for consideration or it can be used by someone wanting to express personal interest.

Your Name *
Your Name
Potential Deacon’s Name: *
Potential Deacon’s Name:
Are you a member of The Mount? *
Do you believe the potential Deacon would uphold The Mount’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Covenant? *
Please review the following qualifications of biblical deacons. Does the potential deacon meet the following qualifications from Scripture? *
If yes, check the box for each qualification.

Process of Deacon Affirmation*
Nomination— Call for nominations from the church body annually or as needed when unexpected vacancies occur.
Aspiration— Nominees are contacted to see of their interest in being examined as a deacon.
Application— The candidate completes a deacon application. This application provides the elders with the candidate’s personal testimony, family information, and ministry experience. The completed application is given to the elder council.
Examination— Once the application is approved by the elder council, they will further examine the candidate, alongside of the deacon body, regarding his conversion, giftedness, calling, and personal holiness.
Preparation— With council approval, the candidate will be assigned reading to be completed before examination. The candidate should take as much time as necessary to properly prepare. During this preparation period, the council continues to observe and evaluate the candidate.
Evaluation— After adequate preparation, the candidate appears before the council for an oral exam. The exam covers the candidate’s ability to articulate a biblical understanding of the deacon’s role and responsibilities alongside of the Mission, Vision and Values of The Mount.
Recommendation— Upon completion of the oral exam the nominee may be recommended by the elder council.
Affirmation— With the process complete, the candidate will be recognized and added to the deacon body. In a formal installation service, first-time candidates are ordained, previously ordained candidates are affirmed as deacons to our body of believers.

*Although there is no fixed timeline on the process, each candidate should expect a minimum of three months from Nomination to Affirmation.