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CG Leader Guides

CG Leader Guide for week starting 1/31/2016

Kai Pinkerton

"Name one thing that motivates you."


1/31 “Hot Diggity Dog” K-2nd parent/teacher lunch after 2nd service
2/7 BIGGEST SUNDAY! Launch 3 services!! - where are you serving?! who are you bringing?!
2/7 Student Super Bowl Bash 3-9pm

Pray for a renewed passion in our body to share the good news with others.

Week 5 of “The Power of One” series, we look at the power of one “mission”.  Through this series we have examined the power of 1) spending one “moment” with Jesus, 2) being one “body” or family in the church, and 3) living in community and also individually as one “witness” for Jesus.  In the power of one “mission”, we look at how…

  • Christ AUTHORIZES the mission
    • compelling us and giving us confidence
  • Christ COMMISSIONS the mission
    • going, baptizing, teaching
  • Christ is WITH US in the mission

Key Passage: Matthew 28:16-20


  1. Ask someone to share a personal observance or takeaway from the sermon. 

  2. Share context around Matthew 28 and read verses 16-20. (context: Jesus is post-resurrection. He had been caught, beat, hung on cross and died; He rose again on 3rd day and has shown himself to the disciples.)
  3. What (how much) authority has Jesus been given? (All) Knowing the authority Jesus has, should this “compel” our obedience?
  4. Jesus “directed”, “came” and spoke to the disciples. In what ways does He do this to us? (through Word, Holy Spirit and prayer; at salvation and beyond)
  5. How are we living out The Great Commission… as individuals in Keller, as a Community Group, as a church?
  6. How can WE become more faithful to “going” and making disciples?
  7. How does “I am with you always” give you confidence? cross reference Joshua 1:9