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CG Leader Guides

CG Leader Guide for week starting 2/7/2016

Kai Pinkerton

“Share a celebrity impersonation you can do or a “doppelganger” (look-alike) people have said about you (or if not sure, share who you wish people would say about you).”

2/7 Student Super Bowl Bash 3-9pm
2/20 Men's Breakfast 8am in Fellowship Hall
2/21 Women's REVIVE 6pm in Student Center
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Pray that we as a church, as a Community Group and as individual believers would continue to focus on proclaiming God's message of salvation and about who Jesus is.

We return to the gospel of John with a highlighted look at some unique proclamations by Jesus on who He is. This is the "I AM” series. Prayerfully we will all grow in our love, knowledge and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Week 1 comes from John 6 where… Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” v35.  

Key Passage: John 6:22-59 (v35, 48, 51), Exodus 16:1-12

1. What sign or miracle did Jesus do the previous day in front of many people? (He fed the 5,000; Jn 6:1-15) In what ways are we sometimes like the people in v30, questioning, wanting to see more and more concerned with the physical than the spiritual?

2. Read Exodus 16:1-7, what do these verses say about manna? (v4 sent “from heaven for you” and v7 calls it “the glory of the Lord”? In what ways did manna “save” the Israelites?

3. Read John 6:30-40 and v47-51. Compare manna and Jesus. (sent from God for you, glory of the Lord, manna saved from starvation/ Jesus saves our souls, etc)

4. What do we learn about salvation in Jesus Christ in v37-39? If you are a Christian, what does this mean to you?

5. What are some descriptions we see of this bread in v32-33, 48-51 that paint a clearer picture to us about Jesus? (from heaven, from God, true bread, bread of life, living bread)

6. Ask what other personal observations or takeaways your group had from the sermon.