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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

“Who was your best friend growing up?”

4/3 Membership Matters Dates 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24 at 10am in White Chapel
  (4/9 No Men’s Breakfast )
4/10 Women’s REVIVE 6:00pm
4/29-5/1 Student D-Now

We pick up in the Gospel of John in chapter 15. Verses 12-17 speak of Christ’s commandment to us to “love one another”. He calls his disciples (and believers) his friend and that he chooses us and wants us to bear fruit.  He finishes with a final call for his followers to “love one another”.

Key Passages: John 15:12-17, John 13:34-35, Romans 12:10, Romans 13:8, 1 Peter 4:8
   Other: _________________________________________________________________________


  1. Have someone review the primary sermon points to refresh the message (or have a volunteer do this).
  2. Verse 12 sets a high bar (high expectation) for how we are to love one another; what does it say? Can we do it? (“love one another as I have loved you”
  3. What standard of love are we to use toward others? How does this love differ from the world’s love? (see v. 13)
  4. What are the requirements and benefits of friendship with Christ (v14-17)? (obedience; hear from the Lord, chosen/appointed by Him, bear fruit, loving one another)
  5. What has Jesus appointed us to do before He says the Father will give us what we ask? (see v. 16)
  6. What do we show those outside the church when we love one another well? (see John 13:34-35)
  7. What is wrong with the thinking that a person can abide with God but not with his people? 
  8. Ask what other personal observations or takeaways your group had from the sermon.

Pray for the people of The Mount to model Christ’s love in how we love one another so that He is glorified and people outside the church are drawn to Jesus.