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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

“When do you find that you pray the most?” 

5/15 Graduate Recognition Sunday
6/12-6/17 Student’s Community Rehab Project
6/20-6/23 Kid’s "Student Life for Kids" Summer Camp
6/26-6/30 Kid’s VBS 6:00pm (Sun 6/26 - “Family Night”)
7/16-7/21 Student’s "Student Life” Summer Camp

This week’s sermon is on Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer in John 17.  This prayer contains two HUGE themes:

1. Prayer for the glory of God
2. Prayer for the good of the Saints.

The application and challenge will be for our people to examine our prayer life by examining the prayer life of Jesus.  What did Jesus pray, How did Jesus pray, when did Jesus pray, Why did Jesus pray.  How does this prayer life compare to our prayer life?

Key Passages: John 17:1-26,
   Other: _______________________________________________________________


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed). Re-read key passages.
  2. What do verses 5 and 24 both say about Jesus? (Jesus’ glory… before creation; we see 2 of 3 elements of Trinity; Jesus was Jesus before he became flesh and came to earth)
  3. What does Jesus pray in verses 13-15? (for Jesus’ joy to be fulfilled in his believers; and not to take them OUT of the world but to protect them from evil)
  4. Until we die or Jesus comes, this world IS our home. V7-8, 14a, 22-23 - What had Jesus given us? (his Word, the truth, his glory/righteousness) How can we display hope, peace and joy in a fallen world?
  5. What do we learn from Jesus’ prayer: What did he pray?  How did he pray?  When did he pray?  Why did he pray?
  6. How does this prayer life compare to our prayer life? What are you motivated or encouraged to change about your prayer life?
  7. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray for Moms: for strength, for patience, for Jesus to be their rock & refuge, for them to see & understand their high value in Christ. Also pray for the church be a place of prayer and for members of The Mount to grow in when/what/how/why we pray.