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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

“Name something you often (or is easy to) take for granted.” 

6/5 NEW Service Times Start!  9:00 and 10:30
6/5 VBS Volunteer Training 4pm (Volunteer sign-up & kid registration at
6/12-6/17 Student’s Community Rehab Project
6/20-6/23 Kid’s "Student Life for Kids" Summer Camp
6/26-6/30 Kid’s VBS 6:00pm (Sun 6/26 - “Family Night”)
7/16-7/21 Student’s "Student Life” Summer Camp

This week’s sermon is on Jesus being delivered to be crucified, the crucifixion itself, and Jesus’ death and burial. This all in John 19. Jesus is flogged, beaten, mocked and ridiculed. Made to wear a crown of thorns and purple robe by the soldiers, Jesus is eventually delivered over to be crucified. In this chapter John also gives important details about the prophecies fulfilled in Jesus’ death and burial.

Key Passages: John 19:1-42
   Other: _______________________________________________________________


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed). Re-read key passages.
  2. Why did the Jewish religious leaders not want the sign posted on the cross to say, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”?
    1. The chief priests of the Jews didn’t want to be associated with Jesus. Are there times where you have intentionally or unintentionally disassociated yourself with Jesus?
  3. Why did the religious leaders want the bodies removed from the cross? What else was going on in Jerusalem when Jesus died on the cross? Why is this significant? (Passover)
  4. What was Jesus’ meaning behind his final words, “It is Finished!”?
  5. Discuss the dangers of becoming too familiar with the cross.
  6. Discuss these verses on the result of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus:
    1. 2 Cor 5:21, Sin makes us Guilty before God; Jesus’ work on the Cross makes us Forgiven before God (righteous).
    2. Eph 1:7, Sin makes us Slaves; Jesus’ work on the Cross makes us Free.
    3. Rom 5:10-11, Sin makes us Enemies of God; Jesus’ work on the Cross makes us Friends of God.
  7. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray for a fresh appreciation among Christians for what Jesus, our sacrificial lamb, did on the cross - the undeserving grace and forgiveness poured upon sinners to give us life - and that we would live confidently and unashamed of our Savior; Pray for the spread of this Good News!