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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

“If you could change your first name, what would you change it too?” 

6/5 NEW Service Times Start!  9:00 and 10:30
6/5 VBS Volunteer Training 4pm (Volunteer sign-up & kid registration at
6/12 Family Meeting (aka - semi-annual “business meeting”) 4:00pm
6/12-6/17 Student’s Community Rehab Project
6/20-6/23 Kid’s "Student Life for Kids" Summer Camp
6/26-6/30 Kid’s VBS 6:00pm (Sun 6/26 - “Family Night”)
7/16-7/21 Student’s "Student Life” Summer Camp

This week’s sermon picks up at the resurrection of Jesus in Ch. 20.  We see Jesus’ commissioning his disciples and the purpose of the book of John… both of which are centered on the gospel.  We know Jesus as the one sent by the Father and in verse 21 Jesus is sending out his disciples (believers); it is really the Great Commission as recorded in book of John.  And at the end of the chapter, we see the summary verse for the whole book. Verse 31 says the book of John was “… written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

Key Passages: John 20:1-31 (emphasis on v21 and v31)
   Other: _______________________________________________________________


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed). Re-read chapter or key passages (v19-22; v30-31).
  2. How do you think the disciples were feeling in the 3 days after the crucifixion of Jesus?
  3. Mary did not recognize the resurrected Jesus at first (v11-18).  What caused her to realize who it was? (Jesus called her by name)  Read John 10:3-4. Jesus knows your name, what does this mean to you? What is special about someone knowing your name? 
  4. What do these verses tell us about the power of the resurrection:
    1. Eph 1:19-21 (it is immeasurably great and trumps all competing authorities)
    2. Rom 8:11 (power to give life)
    3. 1 Cor 15:20 (power to raise the dead to life)
  5. In v19-22, Jesus shows up on the scene and gives a message to his disciples. How does this challenge by Jesus make a difference in your life this week? (Cross reference Jn 13:20)
  6. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray for believers to respond to Jesus commissioning; He has “sent” us to tell the world about Him and make disciples. Pray for laborers. Lk 10:2-3

Further Study:
- The ESV Study Bible has some helpful notes on John 20:19-23
- Review the synoptic gospels' accounts (Matt., Mark, Luke) of the days post-resurrection.