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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

“Picture yourself back as a kid, your family wins the lottery… what would you want to buy?”

7/6 No Wednesday PM ministries (no kids, no student ministries on campus)
7/10 Family Meeting - our semi-annual business meeting 4:00pm
    5:30pm VBS Follow-Up (outreach opportunity taking gift/welcome bags by homes)
7/16-7/21 Student’s "Student Life” Summer Camp
8/3 Wet-n-Wild Family Night Wednesday night; all invited

Last week we saw how the church is made up of “disciples” who are then meant to “make disciples”. This week the focus is on another “purpose” of the church - WORSHIP.  For most people, the word “worship” immediately conjures up thoughts of music and singing.  Yes this is worship but only one way in which we can “worship” God.  Worship consists of singing song, playing music, reading scripture, taking sacraments, praying, giving, serving and more. In Romans 12:1, Paul appeals to the believers “to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” This is sacrificial, life-surrendered, giving of our lives is “worship”.

“True worship is a valuing or a treasuring of God above all things.” - John Piper

Key Passages: Romans 12:1-2; John 4:20-24; Matt 15:8-9; Deut 6; Joshua 4:1-7, 20-24
   Other: _______________________________________________________________


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed).
  2. Read Deut 6:5 and Rom 12:1. A good picture of Worship is found in these verses.  What are some ways you personally “like” to worship God?  What are some new ways you are “learning” to worship God?
  3. What does Matthew 5:8-9 say about where true worship comes from? (the heart; not just word we say or actions we do)
  4. What are some things that have worked well in your family (for worship/discipling)? What are some things you would like to start doing?
  5. What are some pitfalls of forgetting what the Lord has done. Read Joshua 4:1-7 & 20-24.  What are some things we can do to help us “remember”? How does this help our worship?
  6. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray for families of The Mount to worship the Lord in spirit and truth; modeling surrendered lives; and for each believer to truly value and treasure God above all things! 

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