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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

4/5 Egg Stuffing Night - Wed 6:30 pm, we’ll stuff 10,000 eggs! … in preparation for Egg Scramble
4/8 Egg Scramble - Need VOLUNTEERS & CANDY!  :)  Register NOW the
4/14 Good Friday Service - 6:30 pm; childcare for Birth - 3rd grade available
4/16 Easter Services - 9:00 am and 10:30 am; 
     - NO Sunday AM adult Community Groups on Easter; NO student ministry
     - Children’s ministry is available for Birth - 6th grade

“Name something you like doing more than doing your taxes.” :)

“This Changes Everything”.  The story of Zacchaeus is not just a cute bible story you learned about as a kid but it is an incredible story of transformation. A life changed by encountering Jesus! When we and others truly encounter Jesus and respond from the heart, the gospel changes us. And the gospel points us outwards to those in need of Him around us. Being changed and bringing change. The gospel impacts all areas of our lives.  Following Jesus “changes everything”… or at least it should.  That is the life He has saved us to.  
Key Passages:  Luke 19:1-10; Luke 5:27-32; Luke 15:1-7
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  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed).
  2. Read Luke 19:1-10. In the first six verses (19:1-6), what are some things we learn about Zacchaeus?  What kind of reputation might Zacchaeus have had in Jericho?
  3. What strikes you about the initial meeting between Jesus and Zacchaeus? What was the reaction of the crowd as they see this relationship develop between Zacchaeus and Jesus (verse 7)?
    1. Read Luke 15:1-7 and Luke 5:27-32. Pharisees grumble, Jesus explains. What is the message Jesus is trying to convey?
  4. Jesus is a master at building relationships and communicating with people. What does Jesus do to build a friendship with Zacchaeus?
  5. What seems to be going on inside Zacchaeus by the end of this encounter (verses 8-10)? How is he transformed by meeting Jesus?
  6. How does this passage illustrate Jesus’ life mission as stated in verse 10?
  7. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray that Jesus would grant us the ability to see others the way He does, the love for others that He has, and the willingness to act to show that love the people around us.


Matthew Henry Commentary (Concise) 
Luke 19 - The conversion of Zacchaeus

Verses 1-10
Those who sincerely desire a sight of Christ, like Zacchaeus, will break through opposition, and take pains to see him. Christ invited himself to Zacchaeus' house. Wherever Christ comes he opens the heart, and inclines it to receive him. He that has a mind to know Christ, shall be known of him. Those whom Christ calls, must humble themselves, and come down. We may well receive him joyfully, who brings all good with him. Zacchaeus gave proofs publicly that he was become a true convert. He does not look to be justified by his works, as the Pharisee; but by his good works he will, through the grace of God, show the sincerity of his faith and repentance. Zacchaeus is declared to be a happy man, now he is turned from sin to God. Now that he is saved from his sins, from the guilt of them, from the power of them, all the benefits of salvation are his. Christ is come to his house, and where Christ comes he brings salvation with him. He came into this lost world to seek and to save it. His design was to save, when there was no salvation in any other. He seeks those that sought him not, and asked not for him.

Luke 15 - Parables of the lost sheep, and the piece of silver.
Verses 1-10
The parable of the lost sheep is very applicable to the great work of man's redemption. The lost sheep represents the sinner as departed from God, and exposed to certain ruin if not brought back to him, yet not desirous to return. Christ is earnest in bringing sinners home. In the parable of the lost piece of silver, that which is lost, is one piece, of small value compared with the rest. Yet the woman seeks diligently till she finds it. This represents the various means and methods God makes use of to bring lost souls home to himself, and the Saviour's joy on their return to him. How careful then should we be that our repentance is unto salvation!