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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

4/23 Meet The Mount - 12:00 in Student Center immediately following 2nd service
        - “Rejoice” - new sermon series in Philippians starts!
4/30 Membership Matters starts - 10:30am in Student Ctr; also 5/7 & 5/21; the
5/7 Family Meeting - 4:00 pm; New Deacon Installation & Celebration; Fall/Summer updates!
5/14 Mother’s Day - invite your Mother for a special Sunday together!

“Share one moment of “joy” that you experienced from this last week.” 

“Rejoice!” - Philippians sermon series.  Big picture of Philippians: after planting the church in Philippi, Paul writes exhorting them to advance the gospel with joy in the face of opposition. Six key themes: gospel advancement will cost us but Jesus is worth it; fight for joy in Christ; maintain the unity of the Spirit; be generous; gospel partnership; and give the world a picture of the coming kingdom of God.
Key Passages:  Phil 1:1-2, Acts 16:6-40
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  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed).
  2. What are the pros in studying a book of the Bible verse by verse together?
  3. Read Phil 1:1-2. Given who Christ is, why is it a privilege, rather than oppressive, to be one of his “servants” or “bond-servants”?
  4. From Acts 16… when you think of the church in Philippi being started with a God-fearer, a demon possessed girl and a jailer, what does this reveal to you about those whom God can use?
  5. As Paul writes back to the church he planted, what do we see about those whom he addresses (saints, elders and deacons)?  What does this show us about the local church body? 
  6. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray that the Lord would work on our heart and mind through this sermon series on Philippians, and that joy and the advancement of the gospel would be increased our lives.


Matthew Henry Commentary (Concise) 
Philippians Introduction and Chap 1:1-2

The Philippians felt a very deep interest for the apostle. The scope of the epistle is to confirm them in the faith, to encourage them to walk as becomes the gospel of Christ, to caution them against judaizing teachers, and to express gratitude for their Christian bounty. This epistle is the only one, among those written by St. Paul, in which no censures are implied or expressed. Full commendation and confidence are in every part, and the Philippians are addressed with a peculiar affection, which every serious reader will perceive.

The apostle offers up thanksgivings and prayers, for the good work of grace in the Philippians. (1-7) He expresses affection, and prays for them. (8-11) Fortifies them against being cast down at his sufferings. (12-20) He stood prepared for glorifying Christ by life, or death. (21-26) Exhortations to zeal, and constancy in professing the gospel. (27-30)

Verses 1-2 The highest honour of the most eminent ministers is, to be servants of Christ. And those who are not really saints on earth, never will be saints in heaven. Out of Christ, the best saints are sinners, and unable to stand before God. There is no peace without grace. Inward peace springs from a sense of Divine favor. And there is no grace and peace but from God our Father, the fountain and origin of all blessings.