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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

5/7 Family Meeting - 4:00 pm; New Deacon Installation & Celebration; Fall/Summer updates!
5/14 Mother’s Day - invite your Mother for a special Sunday together!
5/31 Last Wednesday - last Wed night of on-campus CG’s & kids’ ministry; off June-July, resume Aug
6/8-6/11 Kids Summer Camp - register by May 21!   -
6/11-6/16 Student Mission Trip - “Community Rehab”, Comanche, TX;
7/4-7/8 Student Summer Camp - registration is open!;

“What is one thing that gave you “joy” in the last 24 hours.” 

“Rejoice!” - Philippians sermon series. Last week we say Paul’s prayer for the believers in Philippi and now he begins to let them know how his imprisonment has worked for the advancement of the gospel.  And Paul encourages and reminds them that by all means we should preach Christ, and even if some do it for wrong or questionable motives, he rejoices over the proclamation of the gospel.
Key Passages:  Phil 1:12-20


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed).
  2. Read Phil 1:12-20.  Does v12 encourage you? How so?
  3. God can turn opposition to the gospel into opportunities for the gospel.  Think of Joseph who was left for dead (Gen 37:18) but God had a plan to save many people. 
    1. Read Gen 50:20, how does this make you feel about the “evil” you see in the world?
    2. What are some other stories in scripture where something was meant for evil but used by God for good? (i.e., crucifixion of Jesus Acts 2:23 and 1 John 2:2)
  4. As with Joseph’s brothers, what Paul’s enemies meant for evil, “God meant… for good” (v17-18).  Thinking of Paul’s imprisonment and the advancement of the gospel…
    1. What’s most important to Paul: motive or message? Why? (v15-18) 
    2. What are some difficulties right now in your life & how might they be used for Christ for kingdom work?
  5. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Pray for God to help us treasure Christ more than the approval and applause of others.

Matthew Henry Commentary (Concise) 
Philippians Introduction

The Philippians felt a very deep interest for the apostle. The scope of the epistle is to confirm them in the faith, to encourage them to walk as becomes the gospel of Christ, to caution them against judaizing teachers, and to express gratitude for their Christian bounty. This epistle is the only one, among those written by St. Paul, in which no censures are implied or expressed. Full commendation and confidence are in every part, and the Philippians are addressed with a peculiar affection, which every serious reader will perceive.
The apostle offers up thanksgivings and prayers, for the good work of grace in the Philippians. (1-7) He expresses affection, and prays for them. (8-11) Fortifies them against being cast down at his sufferings. (12-20) He stood prepared for glorifying Christ by life, or death. (21-26) Exhortations to zeal, and constancy in professing the gospel. (27-30)

Verses 12-20 The apostle was a prisoner at Rome; and to take off the offence of the cross, he shows the wisdom and goodness of God in his sufferings. These things made him known, where he would never have otherwise been known; and led some to inquire after the gospel. He suffered from false friends, as well as from enemies. How wretched the temper of those who preached Christ out of envy and contention, and to add affliction to the bonds that oppressed this best of men! The apostle was easy in the midst of all. Since our troubles may tend to the good of many, we ought to rejoice. Whatever turns to our salvation, is by the Spirit of Christ; and prayer is the appointed means of seeking for it. Our earnest expectation and hope should not be to be honored of men, or to escape the cross, but to be upheld amidst temptation, contempt, and affliction. Let us leave it to Christ, which way he will make us serviceable to his glory, whether by labour or suffering, by diligence or patience, by living to his honor in working for him, or dying to his honor in suffering for him.