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CG Leader Guides


Kai Pinkerton

9/19-9/24 Growth Group opportunities available - All info at
     Launching Multipliers! (9/20), Redemption Groups (9/21), Doctrines of God (9/21)
9/22 Parent’s Night Out - 6-9pm; space is limited; info at
9/24 “Teach us to PRAY” - New sermon series and 40-day prayer journey for the church!
9/27 See You at The Pole - be a light at your school at 7:00am; find out more,
10/1 Meet The Mount - with “Membership Matters” 10/8, 10/15 & 10/22;
10/6 "Songs for the Mission" Night of Worship - CD Release Party - 7pm, Worship Center Keller
10/13-14 “Delight” Women’s Retreat -

“If you were literally a part of a body (i.e., leg, hand, ear, eye, etc), which would you be and why?” 

Week of ALL IN Sunday!  Last week we looked at the church’s “discipleship wheel”, an illustration of how discipleship happens at The Mount.  We looked at biblical reasons to Worship together, Belong together, Serve somewhere in church, and Multiply your faith. This week we specifically at the power of ONE - one Man (Jesus), one Mission (Seek and Save), one Message (Follow Me), and one More (You).  Life change for you and for others may be only ONE step away!
Key Passages: Romans 5:12-17, John 14:6; Luke 19:10; Matt 4:18-22; Ephesians 2:10


  1. Ask if someone can give the primary sermon points to refresh the message (be prepared to do this yourself if needed).  
  2. One Man: Read Rom 5:12-21. Ask if someone will compare or describe the “trespass” and the “free gift” mentioned in v15-21.
    1. John 14:6 tells us that Jesus is the only “way” to God; what are some examples of ways are life can display that truth?… and some ways our lives may display something else?
  3. One Mission: Read Luke 19:10. What does this verse say to you about Jesus’ mission? Is the ultimate “seeking” that leads to salvation done by man or by Jesus?
    1. We are lost in our own seeking until Jesus comes and says to us, “Hurry and come down” (Luke 19:5) - Ask for someone to share their story of how Jesus sought out and saved them.
  4. One Message: Jesus says to “Follow me”, this is recorded over 20 times in New Testament. Read Matt 4:18-22; What is Jesus saying in these verses? What is the response?
    1. Read Matt 16:24-25. What steps is Jesus saying his disciples must be willing to take? Compare v25 to Phil 1:21.
    2. In what area of your life is Jesus calling you to “Follow me”?
  5. One More: Read Ephesians 2:10; in what ways are “you” part of God’s workmanship? 
    1. Every believer has gifts to be used for God’s glory, … let a few people (or go around in circle asking everyone) to share one way they believe God can use them as a “workman” for Him. (Encourage them that every ‘member’ of the body is needed and important.”
  6. Ask if there are any other personal observations or takeaways from the scripture or sermon.

Romans 12:1 “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”  -  Pray that we would all live our lives fully surrendered as “living sacrifices” for our Great God and Savior!


"Follow ME!" – "FOLLOW Me!”