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860 Keller Smithfield Rd
Keller, TX, 76248



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Ryan Fontenot | teaching Pastor | Elder

Why I am at The Mount: I love that The Mount is a place where we truly strive to love God and love people. The hunger to know God more and make God more known is obvious to all who step on the campus and encounter our people.  This is a place where it is all about Jesus!

What do you love about our city? Our city is just an incredible place to live. Each day the city is growing and changing.  This means more and more people get to see, hear and encounter the life changing message of Jesus being displayed and declared through His people.


Kai Pinkerton | Community Pastor | Elder

Why I am at The Mount: We first came to The Mount through an invite from a friend. We found the people to be so welcoming and the gospel being preached faithfully each week. I love how our people are authentic and love Jesus. This is a community of believers I longed for my family to be a part of.  After serving at The Mount for a couple years as a volunteer, God called me into full-time vocational ministry here.

What I love about our city? There are so many families have moved into our area, and so many parks and schools bustling with families, it’s hard not to love our city.  This area continues to grow and I am so excited about the opportunity and responsibility to make God known here!  My hope is that every Man, Woman and Child in the Keller area will have multiple opportunities to hear and respond the the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Why I am at The Mount: I am so excited to join The Mount family serving as Executive Pastor to equip leaders and develop healthy systems so that God's people can make disciples for God's glory.  I love The Mount's laser focus on Christ and the spirit of nimble innovation to reach people with the gospel.

What do you love about our city?  I love how you can walk up to anyone in our city and chat like we have known them for life! 


Why I am at The Mount:  I love that we strive to bring the gospel to bear on every aspect of life and ministry.  I believe that the best is yet to come at our church and I cannot believe that I get a front seat view to all that God is doing!

What do you love about our city?  There is so much good food to eat around here.  It's ridiculous!  I love that I can drive 10 minutes in any direction and find something new to explore.  Also the parks are amazing.  I'm anxious to see how our church can continually love and serve our city in the years to come.



Why I am at The Mount:  Last Summer I was given the opportunity to intern at The Mount.  I had never met a more gracious and welcoming people. The Lord stirred in my heart to make Texas my home and I can wholeheartedly say that I love Jesus more because of my time at The Mount!

What do you love about our city?  I’m an Epicurean of sorts. I love good eats and I love good coffee. I am always finding new places to explore here in DFW. Also, the people here are so kind!


Why I am at The Mount: This body of believers loves God, each other, and our community so passionately!  It is truly a joy to serve alongside The Mount family as we strive to make Jesus known in our community and the world!

What do you love about our city? Keller is a great place to live and raise our family! We are also thankful that we get to engage with our neighbors concerning the Gospel! It is so cool to have all of the benefits of living in the city, but also feel like you are part of a close-knit...small town type of community. It also doesn't hurt that the Cowboys, Mavs, and Rangers are close!


Why I am at The Mount:  There is a spirit of authenticity and humility that drew our family here. Our simple, unified focus stays on lifting the name of Jesus high and living out the gospel day by day. I am excited to be growing and going with the parents and kids of The Mount.

What do you love about our city?  The excellent schools, beautiful parks and great neighborhoods have made our city the best place to raise a family. Even running errands is a pleasure in our community because of so many friendly people. And you know the future of our city is bright. Just look at all the kids everywhere you go!


Why I am at The Mount:  Gospel-centered churches were so rare where we came from in the Midwest.
My husband and I love The Mount because it's all about Jesus!  End of story.  



Why I am at The Mount: I love that our church is a community of Christ followers that are mission-minded and community-oriented.

What do you love about our city? Our city is great because it offers all of the conveniences of a city yet still has an small town feel to it.


Why I am at The Mount: We were drawn to the heart of the Mount. The Mount had just launched a year prior to us joining and we loved that it wasn't about a show or a performance it was about Jesus. We found the people genuine and kind and we decided this was the place for us.

What do you love about our city? I love the community the city seeks to build with it's events we enjoy each season. I love that there's so many beautiful parks to enjoy, and I love calling this place home.



Why I am at The Mount:  I love that God has placed leaders over The Mount that follow Christ, trust Him, and love Him.  I love how God is actively using them to lead my family.

What do you love about our city? I love that our city has everything we need and yet there is still open land and pastures!



Why I am at The Mount::  From the very first Sunday we visited God impressed in our spirit this is where He wanted us. I can't even begin to name the ways He confirms that, almost daily! 

What do you love about our city? I love that our city is a mix of the old and the new. You don't get that in too many suburbs of such large cities.