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860 Keller Smithfield Rd
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STEPS is a 13-week, recovery study for everyone... the study leads the broken, the sinful, and the suffering (basically that's all of us) to embrace the freedom found only in Christ's redemption. STEPS essentially is Discipleship. Our prayer is that STEPS will enable us to create a culture in which the ongoing practices of confession and repentance take root in the life of the people of The Mount. We know true redemption and healing are found only in Jesus Christ.  STEPS points you to see these truths through the light of Scripture and a personal relationship with Jesus.  (See a list of FAQs below.)

Join us this fall for STEPS!  Starts on January 25.

WHEN:    Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm (13 week study)
WHERE:  Student Center Building
HOW:       Complete these 2 simple steps... 1 - REGISTRATION and 2 - QUESTIONNAIRE FORM
WHAT:     Watch VIDEO below!


1. Is 'STEPS' a Community Group?

     Yes and no. "yes" in that you will find community and a sense of belonging in your steps small group; but "no" in that it is only 13 weeks.  If you are currently in a community Group, you may be able to attend both (if your schedule allows) or you may decide to just go to steps for 13 weeks and then return to your cg. if you are not currently in a cg, then this is a great 1st step; join and complete the 13 weeks of steps and then roll into one of our existing cg's.

2. is 'steps' just for those with "addictions"?

     No.  It is for anyone who is affected by slavery of sin and suffering. so yes that includes those with "addictions" but everyone else as well.  it is for those that want to grow stronger in their obedience by identifying and making war on areas that hinder them to walk freely through their faith in christ.

3. why is 'steps' so life changing?

     Short Answer = Jesus!  There is something about admitting I'm a sinner, calling out my sin, handing it over to jesus... and doing this in a safe, non-judgemental, open community of others doing the same thing... that just fosters true healing and recovery of hope, joy and freedom that can only be found in christ.  the steps curriculum and leaders are focused on jesus and intentional about healing that lasts... all to god's glory.

4. is there childcare available?

    yes.  free childcare will be available.

5. Will I have to talk much?

     Everyone will have an opportunity and a responsibility to share in a small group setting. confession is a critical component of repentance. you will not be forced to talk but rather encouraged... knowing that true growth and healing begins there.

6. can i bring my teenager with me?

     steps is geared for adults and so it is limited to those 18 years old and older.

7. do i have to go every week?

     yes... if at all possible.  to maximize the effectiveness of the steps experience, each participant is asked to make a commitment to attend each of the 13 week sessions.  a maximum of 2 weeks can be missed.

8. What does a night at 'steps' look like?

     you will start off in the student center main room with a time of worship followed by a large group time of teaching.  After the main teaching time, you will break out into separate rooms by gender into so small groups of 6-10 people.

9. is there homework?

     yes. there is daily bible study and questions to complete throughout the week.

10. what if i can't make it to this semester of 'steps'?

   we plan to offer the 13-week 'steps' study every fall and spring. if you registered for this semester's 'steps' study but you are told the study is 'full', you will be added to the top of the list for our next semester.